Considering the Korean type (the one you should be waiting for)

I mentioned this earlier in my previous article

For me, the reason why probably most girls who want to have a boyfriend are you, as a result of the drama Koreans build into their minds of men, and the economy

Will it really be reliable? You should believe in this and completely trust these famous Korean dramas, because the personality of the people, the Korean people are there.

So, what do we hope to have a Korean? As I said at the beginning, a Korean usually pays for almost everything on a date. When a Korean man goes shopping with a girl, don't let your partner split the check or pay for something. This is a great insult. (But again, it depends on the situation, such as whether the person is actually able to do it or not. As a girl, you will pay for both food and a young man will pay for the film. The Korean type is also trying to be a gentleman to carry a bag or purse, but don't expect that you will always open the door or let him go first. Don't expect too much from"I love you."Well, if you see Korean drama, Koreans usually don't say"I love you"most of the time. I've seen the movie before. They dated, dated, kissed, but I never heard the phrase"I love you"until they got married.

So, young people in Korea are like this.

They say that the expression of love is very, very bad in Korean, and rarely listen. Although it is not so expressed by the words"I love you", the guy in Korean tends to send a lot of text messages a day, and when I say a lot, I mean SACCO.

A young Korean needs to keep control of his ex-girlfriend in order to want to return home safely after a meeting or even on a date with friends.

Let's just say that a young lady in Korea is more talkative than any other young person. My student, for example, should always send a message from the movie.

When you are going to eat, when we are talking to you, or even when you are playing in this place.

but in reality, there is only one exception, when it is located within the educational system. I don't see a ring on your cell phone when we need to get to class, or even when you're looking at your own (although not all students look like it. Di) anyway, the point is that this type has Korean has a focus. When you are seriously engaged. When you work on it, it works. The bad thing is that when you play, it really plays. You can't leave a call just to answer a call or message. Wait until you finish the first round of the game (just like all the other young people do anyway). Thank you for the gender roles I mentioned in my previous article (which I told girls would be naive, innocent, in order to attract more attention than men, a young Korean, he likes it when a girl lets you talk, or lets you have a conversation, or even in your own relationship. and not least, but not least, all young people in Korea are not afraid to be beautiful. Well, at first I thought those actions and expressions that were just in the TV drama. my, that's a big no-no. I know some guys in Korean, which is actually an attempt rotate, most of the time, using this expression, and that's it. Maybe they're not really trying to be circles, how can I say that? It's like they're there to be nice, but you're not really trying to spin what's there. Well, let's try to put it this way. I'm naturally cute, so when they act naturally, I'm so pretty.

I've seen a couple of dramas like the Prince on the roof, the flower Boy next door, and Alice just earlier this year, and I've seen a lot of action-Packed Milo expressions, which is actually the kind of thought you just saw on TV.

I was shocked when I saw some of my students (guys) making such statements that you made unconsciously.

It looks like a cake.

^_^ Meetings, Koreans are really a little different from other countries. Usually, a young man who works hard for you to have an intimate relationship with a girl you like. However, in South Korea intimacy is the fact that it is included in a relationship. Just like that, everything happens: Meeting a person either accidentally, or at a personal meeting, two friends have something in common.

This is the first meeting.

Because to this day, people talk about their Hobbies and try to understand them. Some (but not most) still ask for a person's blood type, because Koreans tend to rely on their identity depending on Your blood type. This is the role of an official meeting and acquaintance.

This is fun and shocking to me.

After the first meeting, the next one will be confirmation that they are a couple or not.

Sometimes both allow you to spend money

Therefore, if you decide to hold a second meeting, it means that you are now in a relationship with this guy. I watched a Korean movie before you, Spellbound.

A scary romantic Comedy movie.

In the film, the main actor and the main character became friends and began to meet in the last part of it. The first meeting was just a speech, and in the second case, the actor told them that they needed a couple phones, since they already have a married couple (because they are in the second game. However, this is not always the case. My child tried to explain everything to me.

In South Korea, a young Korean who likes a girl and the feeling is really mutual and makes love (don't say that they are Dating).

This is to come out more than a friend, but less than a passionate one, what?). If a young man already has confidence that the girl also loves him, then he will admit his feelings. On that day, the girl gives you an answer, and begins formally their relationship. When you decided to become a couple, and then came to say that the days will celebrate your day. Here in the Philippines, we celebrate the existence of relations with them every month. For example, if you started a relationship in February of last year, then it will be the first day of the month, the army in March, and so on. In Korea, this is very different in the sense that we do not celebrate every month, but every day in our relations with them.

This day is very special for those of you who is in a relationship, and you usually exchange gifts on that day.

As I mentioned, the actor wanted to receive a telephony honor as a couple. What???? This couple's phone numbers. In Korea, this is very, very common. As married couples should be. Well, the worst part is that Koreans wear a pair (but, actually, it seems like a treasure to me). This is normal for couples who want to wear a suitable dress. Sometimes they do this in the bottom of a t-shirt, pants, and even shoes. Mostly because men just want to make sure that you all know what a girl is for them, and Vice versa.

It's like doing something with it that someone else will make an effort beyond the means to achieve it.

In fact, this is a strategy that is for Dating in Korea. For example, the type of Korean who has a date doesn't always act as if you're always in love with someone else. There is a time when he acts in a cold tone and he is waiting for you to take the first Muniham. Keep in mind that all of these things don't apply to everyone Koreans'. Some gods and others are like that. Well, that's all. Don't worry if I have a guy in Korea who will learn a few new things to keep up with the latest developments. If you have any questions, you can ask them. If you have something to say, don't hesitate to leave comments. Now you are ready to make an appointment.

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