The best place in Korea to meet many women within the framework of the Player project

The capital city of Seoul is almost all cars

Meetings in this game of the day, how to pick up women, meet women, meet women in Korea, in the subway where you will meet women all this talk about the game of the day if you can read online, and most of the ideas and tips that are still the sameGo to the bar cafe. You stop a girl in the street. Go to a cultural event. If these are not bad ideas, and I have experienced a certain degree of success, then I found that my success rate was, in a place that fewer people talk about in the game of the day: the subway.

Here are four main reasons why this tool is the best place in Korea to meet women and improve your game.

A car that has seats and room for another - people are standing so that you have just enough room to go through and find the women. This means that some people are on the subway, and about half of them are women. To add to them, rooms are constantly moving in and out of the subway, so if you get a group of girls self-calibrated to choose from. Traveling on the subway during the day is as much as a lure in real life - if you want for your look before setting up a conversation. If you are interested, then big, and if not, then you can just go to the next one. The real beauty is that it can be easy to move up and down cars, making one or two approaches on the road, and then going down again.

You rarely see the same people twice, and if you were on the cutting edge of a cutting wire.

It would be very easy to make approximations in small hours on the Seoul line (green line) to make a full circle. Additional advantage: the line reaches several bus stops from the metro, University, and it is the main transfer line for all the others. Let's say I approach a girl who is on the edge of a subway car pulled up. This is the line that begins with the opening. He doesn't seem very interested, but he's not sick enough. Now you can choose to banish it, or you can go to Ave Maria and try to do a little bit. Let's face it, you're not between stops, and you have nowhere else to go. It's best to use their captive audience and manage your entire daily routine. You can start with a routine that wanders, or maybe tell a joke, a fool, to make you laugh. At least it's really a bomb, it won't turn its back on you until you've started the queue and you start warming each other up. It is very rare for a girl to be initially interested in a conversation in the subway, because it is not so much in common, and for this reason they always give a minute or two before remove it. This will also help you evaluate the performance of lines and those that are not working, or try to make a delivery that is different from the same line (more on this later).

The Counter game is different from other days games because it is something that can be done and run every day, without having to take a minute of planning.

If you ride the subway to work, you can take some approaches. If this is the way to celebrate, during the night, different approaches and you start to gain momentum. If you are heading to Honda or Ithewon in the evening, then at the end of the week you will most likely find young women who are going along the same route, and you will start focusing on the late evening. The real advantage of playing the trumpet is that it is incredibly effective. I'll never have to walk around the square to find another girl you want to talk to. If it fails, it's just a new turn for a minute to be able to start the next approach in time end's. You can train at any time of the day. You can train at any time of the day.

You can do it alone or with a friend, and I never feel out of place.

You can do it with your house. You can also do this in other cities. You can do this drunk, which has a surprisingly high success rate for me, even if it seems like a bad idea. You can experiment with new lines in it.

You can experiment with different styles.

You can improve certain areas of the game at work, such as body language, posture, or eye contact. You can improve your Korean if you want. Regardless of the level of the game, or what you want to get better at, the subway approach is definitely the most effective for this. Which brings me to my point of view, Finally, the best advantage of the game, in the subway, is not to increase it dramatically increase their ability to accommodate them. You want to be new to the game and we tried to win his trust, or that the player-specialist, there is no place in the casting for the Foundation, so quickly as in the subway.

You will need to do this in public in front of all metro passengers.

And, since it's overseas, you'll be looking to see what it's going to do. Especially when you start trying for the first time, it will be bankruptcy. It will be painful and awkward at first, but you need to be persistent. It will become firm and immune to rejection from the bite. It will be insensitive to all rejection, and victory will be even sweeter. Soon, however, you will have more success than failure. After about an hour or two of training, you will need an opening hook really effective one minute by understanding their interest.

It is often full of beauty if you are at the right time

This routine can be repeated and used wherever you go, but after that you will have much more strength. You will learn briefly which lines work well and which don't. One of the most difficult things to get a good routine is to working together is the test and horror of the part. If you're out on the streets trying to work, or squeezing into a daily routine in a game, it's time to step up. If you want to get feedback on the new approach and find out what works for you. If You do this three or four times, You will have a good idea of how to reach and interact with a girl in Korean for normal. On the other hand, if you walk an hour even on the subway, on a Saturday, to be grounded on the approach, you will get a lot of instant feedback. You can try to set a new line by making one, but it doesn't seem to work. You can try different holes in a few minutes. You can try it at the same time. The best part is that you can see how it works. You will need instant answers that will help you get into a daily game routine that perfectly matches your unique style. At the end of the grinding session in the subway, you will feel as hard as nails, and you will have an open routine that can be capable of nun charm. The only thing that prevents the pipe from being at the point of daily match, that is, the interaction is already limited, in time.

This makes it very difficult to convert call dates.

If you are having a decent conversation with a girl, you need to ask a question that is answered very early, so that you can plan your day, all the time you have left.

If she seems very responsive and you are not busy, you can manage to arrange a call date, go all the way to the bus stop, but this is not so unlikely as on the street or in a cafe, because all the girls in the subway have already stopped to go somewhere at all.

They have no future, and your plans are probably not connected to them. This means that from time to time you will need to settle for numbers. But it's not a sin because it's a pipe game day, it can be a great result for numbers if you're good at it.

This is more than enough to fill in the calendar, dates for the next week or two.

I've always been a big fan of subway games, especially on weekends. I would like all players to come from there, they will start using it to help you improve your game and your success rate as long as they are in the Republic of Korea. I was thinking, if you are closer to Korean or English, then one of the following languages does not attract much attention. In both cases - the numbers for the day, these are skills that you can not leave to be respected, thank you, I usually come close to me, in English, if you are trying to be funny in Chinese, but this is not a frequent event. Do you live in South Korea? Feel free to send me an email if you have any other questions, I will be happy to listen to the frustrations of people who should be so that I can see. Thank you very much for your answers, I have defined a chat to work on to overcome myself, and the material tool does not need so much if I I can understand that it reliably say that this will be true stories, they are not real, you know, I'm not going on that you don't need to lie, even they believe or do not believe that the search for sex - is to meet people that buzzing in the ears, with a crowd, with a foreigner, you were already there, and to go with types of chorea, I just want to sleep, drink, work, have nothing to talk about.

I take care of myself with what people think of you, if I opened up, people would look at me as if the whole world was searching, that is, fighting the current.

Too many times I've run around doing my thing, I always want to stop and say something, and sometimes they do, just other people who are nearby and a lot of opportunities.

Also I don't need a lot of numbers because it really resonates with me, I often happen to have a friend or at least a touch during the time I see an interesting person, we both want to achieve, I'm afraid of the people around you, and you, I go for my eternal apology^^. Let's be healthy, I've been in Korea for a little over a year now. This is an interesting place, for sure. I'm in Gwangju, unfortunately, but I'd like to walk with you the next time I'm in Seoul, South Korea. Playing the trumpet is pretty tough, with a captive audience you can be both a good and a bad thing, most young people will probably just piss off the girl and then stay there, stuck, looking like a punk with a bunch of people squeezed into a small space.

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