things I hate about Korea-Creator Lee

I just hate the fact that there is so little variety

I don't hate food as such

I love Korean food.

The Korean language is largely non-national, so all restaurants are more likely to meet the taste requirements of Korean for high school. Or maybe it's the Korean imagination. In summer, I'm hot and humid. It's like a sauna for the rest of the world. I'm cool and clean, showering, and in a few minutes rivers are running out from under my shirt. It's pure hell when the heat waves come. Last year, the heat wave was as big as the fish that started to die in the water of farms in Eastern South Korea. Usually I only hide under the air conditioning system, it can't be reached for a long time. One of the most annoying things is the cicadas. These little bastards sit and shout at all the trees from the beginning of June to the end of September. Polluting and disturbing noise. Winters are cold and windy. In November, the winds are stronger, they can reach up to a kilometer, and They just crawl out from under your clothes, steal the last remnants of heat and cool your soul.

I consider myself a person with excellent English proficiency a professional in the field of English, in addition, I learned English as a second language, one that gave me a knowledge of the best working methods and does not work when it comes to learning a foreign language.

I understand that this is the best system they have made, since there is a filter for many people, albeit professionally. Students start learning English from primary school, i.e. around that age, but when they graduate from secondary school and go to University, they cannot speak English at all. There is something terribly wrong with the way they teach. I have found many mistakes and many ways to improve my teaching methods. Teaching English in Asia was a promising job at least a couple of decades ago. When I first came to Korea, I was shocked. He couldn't believe that people living in another country could be like people from another planet. The fact that we live on Earth is not a big deal if you you want to feel it, because Koreans are like aliens to me. It's funny, of course, that I realize that I'm a stranger to them, too. I'm a new level of weirdness for them when they have a body with North and South Korea, but it's a different operating system. I think they are all Koreans, which they should visit at least once in their lives - the Demilitarized zone (DMZ) between South Korea and North Korea, because the borders are similar to each other. The Korean people think it's too cool. In the Western world, there is no point in asking personal questions, and the middle East would be considered impolite. There are some people who just want under the skin, and that one consequence is a fundamental condition for another good quality. Koreans are those who have merit in success, and they constantly try to compare and match them with each other. By trying to show some attributes that are beyond this, I am convinced that this is an image of a person's success.

They spend a lot of money on clothes for the fall and eat ramen not because, that they like him so much, but because they can't do anything.

Of course, the wide choice is due to culture

They do not accept loans for expensive cars and luxury loans for apartments in concrete boxes, condemning the years of slavery. It's funny that if you ask any Korean, but they didn't like it in their own culture, then the judges of reason will also be the first thing they say. In this nation, there may be years in the future in terms of technology, but their social skills are the same number of years, but Vice versa. I think it's family. I don't like it when people aren't direct and say what they want, in the hope that you know his intentions. I don't read minds.

I understand that, for the most part, it depends on the language.

The language has shaped the culture of it for the Korean people to start a sentence with details and then bring it to a stop at the end. In English (and in Russian, we started with the item, and then expanded the details as needed. Outside of Seoul, in smaller cities, you will still be able to see strange reactions when Koreans see people in black or white. You want to take a picture together. Give him all the attention that some people might find racist. You see the guys in you holding hands on the street. Here, this is normal. This is not for homosexuals, it's just a sign of friendship. Fortunately, God has saved my eyes, and I don't see very often. These guys are too physical in General, and touch everyone to the point that people in the West and in Russia (heterosexuals) have to think too much. I was at the gym once, and there are only two types of me that do squats. Together they were playing with each other's tails, and apparently they were both very much in love with each other.

The dress and shoes were the right size, and the quality was extremely poor.

Study the products on offer. It is incredibly difficult to find in some clothes really unique and good looking, the quality is quite decent. It is everywhere, it is for me on the streets, on TV, on the radio, in all restaurants and bars, in the cinemas, theaters, gambling halls, from people's phone numbers to the people who surround me. It's hard to escape, the music is beautiful as the mind mocks. No wonder then that he approved (or should I say that it started there) the government. It is easier to control people if you stick to their ambitions of the intellectual level of the K-pop phenomenon. In addition, it is a large industry with billions of dollars, which I believe keeps the government very happy financially. Starting with terrible posters, without fragrance, on the streets, and ending with ads on TV and in movies, there is something to help. Serve in the same mission that is K-pop, and more Koreans brainwashing campaign is very effective, which leads to the emergence of new generations of consumer macadors. I've seen many tasteful commercials recorded and performed in my lifetime. The most dominant commercial advertisement in Korean seems to be provided by the glue-sniffing team as usual.

Please turn it off TV.

In a country with more ethnic groups. Of course, this multiculturalism has defined a variety of minds and views, tastes, Hobbies, and so on, as well as philosophy. The taste of food. Everyone loves rice.

Me too, I love rice, but I can't eat all the time.

I miss the opportunity to eat salads in Russia, or Jewish sandwiches, or falafel sandwiches, or grilled food, Georgian, or a decent hamburger in the United States, or whatever else is in the house, that's easy to say. The same taste in music. They all listen to K-pop and EDM music for dance electronics. People don't know more than other cultures can offer. The same taste in clothes. There is almost no variety in their style. People have the same thing. I'm not a fashionista, but seriously, I'm in my pajamas and on my side. I see people in pajamas in the library and in the heart of the city, and it seems to me that crocodiles are shoes for all seasons, and they have the status of a national treasure. Many of the young people have never been outside of Korea, and surprisingly, they are few or they are not interested in what is happening outside of it at all. Being hi-techs gives them the opportunity to learn something about the rest of the world, but the information overload at home cuts off any desire to exist. Difficulty with both English and love of your culture and do not wish to use Korean language, videos, Dating, online, and any other kind in the sense that if you stay true to the Korean language. The Korean is in a state of cultural isolation that cooks his own food, and listens to his own music, watches TV, and the General is in a Bank, isolated, away from others, and that you veered off from time to time. It is very difficult to learn. I may be stupid, of course, I never really focused on the language at first, but after a year in Korea, but I don't speak the language.

All foreigners agree that language is an insanely complex language.

Phonetics, the content is not like anything I do, you have already learned before. The logic of language"it's a distortion of the logic we're used to. The funniest thing I noticed was when I started speaking Korean. You're starting to talk about me as if I've slowed down. I'm not mentally retarded. You know, it's not true. You just don't speak the language. Korean women are cute and charming, but there are some things that I had a lot of problems with when I took them. The West, or a person with my cultural background, the female response directed directly at the streets seems inadequate, and you can be quite desencorajadors. Women are afraid when they start talking to them, it is not uncommon for them when all men start a conversation with the purpose of flirting. The Koreans are"meetings"and"vision", and a meeting with large groups of people, and if you can find them, then the second is, in fact, meet the blind and where two of his friends - male and female - friends, male and female. When a boy and a girl, if you know for a while, and two become friends, go to a chat where one or another offers to get a date.

In the cultures of the West and Russia, we sometimes talk, but for the most part let the dynamics of the relationship happen naturally, without serious conversations.

All girls seem to be obsessed with their looks.

They all take hundreds of selfies wherever you want.

All air freshener from the car to the trunk of the phone should be cool. K-pop idols in drama are all they care about.

I'm not generalizing, I've met many young women who do interesting things in their lives.

But, as a painting, this is what I see. All girls in Korea are reluctant to date guys from another country. But everything is changing, society still thinks about many girls who flirt with strangers. I just wanted to emphasize something that you should keep in mind before coming to Korea, as it will probably never feel like home, no matter how long you have lived here.

But don't get me wrong.

I'm not I'm going to refuse.

I don't hate it.

I like the Republic of Korea. This is my historical homeland, and the pros of living here far outweigh the cons.

As for the Expat and homosexual in South Korea-Network, Assassin

You probably already don't have the first one,"I told him

My teacher in Korea once told me that he had never met a gay person beforeYou didn't look convinced. In Korea, the gay scene is still pretty it is hidden, despite the fact that this year in Seoul (South Korea) there was a Festival of culture of homosexuals. I knew a gay man when I was an exchange student at the National University of the arts in the Republic of Korea. He's gay in the school of arts. I was interested in learning more about the scene from an insiders point of view, so a couple of weeks ago I had an interview with an English and gay teacher and the United States about his reflections on homosexuality, in South Korea, and about a foreigner's experience in the gay scene and the Korean language. I lived in North Seoul for a year and a half, and recently moved to the city center. Just for what it's like to be gay in Korea versus America? Do you consider it necessary to hide your sexuality? I don't have to hide, but I have to be more careful, especially since I'm a teacher. It doesn't matter if you have a rainbow sticker in your car, or if you are the leader of a gay group at school. In Korea, it is the realm of the unknown, and it is still very closed. Do you feel that in your daily life or just at work, you need to be more restrained about your sexuality? Only in certain situations. For example, I can't tell my boss that I will run, or someone who went to a meeting, but to be honest, I also don't talk about it with my boss and the United States.

One is an outsider and the other is Korean.

My old school was much bigger, and almost all the teachers that foreigners knew were foreign.

In the end, I talked to some Korean teachers, which was fun because they didn't believe in me at first. They are like this:"What? Seriously.

No, you're wrong.

You're wrong, not that I'm not sure, but I never thought you were.

It's good to laugh at yourself, Yes, of course, and I see it from time to time.

It's not a problem at all, but you don't trust them.

In the United States, it is much easier to judge how a person reacts from the start. I've heard stories about foreigners who are leaders, and Koreans who were fired as a result.

I don't want to take any chances.

I am a foreigner in this country, it would be different if I were a citizen and protected my rights. Yes, I Used to work with him in Korean from a neighbor and tell him if I was gay. That, of course, was something she didn't know. She asked me if that would be a problem.

Many of my gay friends are teachers here

You can stop and talk to him.

And he said:"No, I've never met a gay person before."He was so relaxed that I didn't think much of what they were doing.

It's always a joke to ask when I pick up the phone at a gay bar.

It looks like my girlfriend and I were there.

I need to dance, or go to a party. Eventually you'll want to go somewhere, and I think:"Sorry, I have a date."He says,"Oh, really. You have an appointment. Well, good luck to you. It will be later. He's a real friend. He wasn't at all uncomfortable around me, and I appreciate that. In Korea, everything is a miracle - always a guy. Do you have a girlfriend?"How can you answer when someone asks you if you have a girlfriend? Must to say that there is. It's funny, because my students often ask most adults. My older children are both older and younger. Just once, and one of them said:"Professor, they're all alone, aren't they? And I said:"What do you mean by 'on your own'? I'm with all of you in class.

I'm trying to get them to practice more.

Like,"Oh, no girlfriend."And another one, Vita. I had to bite my tongue to laugh. At first no, no, but then I got a little depressed to think about it. No, not because I'm a guest in this country.

I won't stay here forever, so I try to respect the local culture as much as possible.

If this happened in the United States, I would be very upset. I am one of the citizens there. But since I am a guest here, I am not trying to impose my values on others. Most of the time I do the same things that I do at home, I go to the club, to the bar, to meetings, it's harder to date. For example, in the house there is a connection between friends, as well as LGBT groups, but all this very secret."In Seoul, South Korea, there are one of two places for gay people. Itaewon is all inclusive to attract foreigners and Koreans, but it's so small. There is only one everything-all bars, clubs and restaurants, while Jingo, catering, etc. in Korean, we have more than the locals. However, in many places Jingo does not allow strangers, unless I am one Korean, and most of my friends are gay in Korean, or Dating, or grew up in the US, so we do not know this area. I talked to them, and they invited me along the way. They are like, I know places that haven't gone away, but they have to come with me so I can show you where it is. Yes, for example, in the Chelsea district of new York, there are signs outside gay clubs. There are Queens, while in this particular case, Jingo) there is little or no gap between the bar and the gay person and the opposite sex. Maybe there is a fair sign that knows about it, maybe just spends without thinking about it. My God, it's so small. And then, no matter how little sense there is in this game. There are three main ways to meet guys. At first, you can get to know the guys through your friends, but that doesn't happen very often. Secondly, you can go to bars and clubs, but he gets old after a year, when he constantly comes to the house with the smell of smoke, and alcohol and most of the guys are just interested in the stand at night. Yes, this is the only meat market that takes stones. And the third option is to use a phone app - the popular pair of Grindr, Jack d e and cross-section diagram. Actually, I met a couple of people. They're your friends now. But it's still weird. The app's laughter tells us how physically close we are to the person we are talking to. I use them because they are scary.

There are many types that you want to apply for, but there are other people who are interested in them on the date.

Basically, it's like an online meat market. On the other hand, there are sports Championships in the United States - these are gay singer groups, men's camps for gays, men's gay walks, competing organizations, and there are also gay neighborhoods. There are communities with wide ones that are not hidden.

You can easily approach it from someone who is interested in it, but in Korea it can only be done in a gay-only zone that is limited to just a few bars and clubs, or for an online application.

In addition, in the United States and within each gay community, there are many different personalities, and in Korea, many people refer to themselves as restricted. For example, they are very feminine, and just like that. I have also met such people in the United States, but in the US I have also encountered tons of different types of gay men: bright and action-Packed for men, types of theater, art, etc. In South Korea, we can see friendly gay men, in extreme cases, either very reserved and cautious, or very strong and proud. It is often said that in a country where gayness is taboo, those who cannot hide the leaders for the rest of the world groups. There are a lot of Koreans, but the interval is short, or maybe it's just a reluctance to talk about it. Yes, it doesn't upset me.

My motto is that you must do what you want.

If you want to put on some makeup, get up and get up. If you have long, athletic and all-female things, it's really cool.

Very comfortable with who you are.

In South Korea, I think many men feel pressured to conform to how they should act. Many people are positive and open. I learned that the aliens are not connected to the ceiling. However, I have noticed that many foreign gay men seem to be available. They can be the reason for a pause or escape from the ex. It's frustrating because I live here and I want someone serious. Many of you have come to Korea more interested in traveling and having a good time, and you don't want to be attached to a guy. Maybe I'm too complicated. You don't have to laugh, either. And when it comes to discrimination in certain types, if You prefer meetings in statements, for example, international only in Korean. I don't know, some people may like one type more than others, but if you have an opportunity to get together and love that person, and it's not a sketch ball, go in front of you, instead of getting attached to a particular type. It is strange to see that the exposure of the form is so amazing. There are many stereotypes, and the same applies to United STATES and, to some extent, to THEM.

There are many people who do not come into contact with people who are different from those who are not.

For example, when the Korean actor Suk Chun Hong entered the house, lost all the sponsors and started running restaurants.

I read in an online article and it said that people often talk about your restaurant and harass you to come. Some have tried to warn me more than anything about apankhariam's AIDS if you eat in a restaurant. By the way, my teacher Molly was Korean, he was born and raised in Seoul, South Korea. He admitted that for many years it would have been the wrong bizarre culture, because information was not available when I was in high school, most of it he came from the Western bizarre culture, like a stone wall. You are looking for gender equality,"he said. (And it's still a battle in us). Apart from South Korea, the mentality is that if you marry someone who can support the family, and if You create children, whether you like it or not, and with whom, if you are married. Whether they are straight or gay, it is their responsibility to have children and continue the family line. More in education this should allow a pussy from Korea, they thought,"Hey, wait."I don't have to do this.

Korean smile

Let's go back to Speaking Korean on YouTube

Pilot's club gameThe Korean bombing. there's something funny about"All the guys I've loved"being what it is. it's mostly Korean drama, in the form of movies in the US, although I've seen a lot of love dramas and chords. and this movie was full of Eacutes Korean Drama go, this movie will be on my list of episodes to watch every couple of days, I don't want you to know. It's like a Korean drama, if you find a John Hughes movie, I can't wait for the sequel. I wish it was a TV show, just so that more hours for my baby would be a beautiful merdin. This is racism that discriminates against Muslims and has a negative impact on Islam and is extremely misleading. I have to write in this blog, I have a lot of followers love In Korea, so please please reread to share this, I feel very, very bad for Muslims in the Republic Korea. I mean, it's in a country that's very homogenous, and that some Koreans don't even care about the world around them, that's not literally the point of them doing a program about RESPONSIBILITY and CULTURE, that they don't know anything about it.


Just be ignorant and stupid. I hope that no pop idol has spread more positivity than the performance, but meanwhile, none of the audience in the theater, I do not see it. I'll bet it's not a very good show either. I mean, someone who uses that woman in a bikini. whoever is thinking. These Koreans are literally so ignorant of other cultures and languages. I'm not saying everyone, obviously, but not many Koreans in Vancouver have no idea how to communicate with people who don't know Korean culture or don't know anything about canadian culture, which is not good for them because some of the things you do are considered rude here. In this way, they have gained a reputation as the people of Vancouver, who are described as rough on their feet towards all Asians. In any case, if not all Koreans are on dick. It's just annoying that people who don't know anything about things that aren't Korean are so stupid that they are a program on such things. Moreover, go for a massage on Twitter, on Twitter.

Comprehensive update of English in Korea - My color family, EPIK and more - Korean online video reviews

Updating my EPIK display on the display

Come with me while I go to my wonderful family, multiethnic North CarolinaCome meet my mother, sister and Korean husband, as well as my most beautiful niece and nephew. I will also give you an update on what I plan to do for us in the next few months as I move to Korea to teach English.

I am moving to Korea to teach English and start a new Chapter in my life.

I am also considering working at a private school Hagwon

I am applying to a public school, Korean systems through EPIK, starting in the spring. Update: I was accepted into the EPIK program for the spring season.

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