Because men in Korea want to marry a woman born abroad

This campaign did not bring results

Since mid-September, most of the posters that were on the subway stations in Seoul can be seen that the South Korean government is making a joint effort from the outside to encourage girls from places to get married, farmersYoung Finnish women have a financial incentive to leave the city in order to lead a happier life. So there are only young men who stay in their hometown to take care of the farm and support the agricultural industry.

This is one of the lowest birth rates in the world

Last year, more than a fifth of Korean farmers and fishermen were foreign citizens. For a few moments, Joella province is famous for the highest number of cross-border marriages, in addition to South Korea, reaching a peak, there are several years. During marriage, between men in Korea and Chinese women in Southeast Asia, in Egypt, and brokerage services for weddings, it only took a couple of days. Time is short, and many provinces and cities of South Korea ended up with a slogan in honor of the autumn bride for good natural virtues: loyalty, family orientation and documentarianism. Now, in the Seoul subway, it is not difficult to see signs that imply encouragement of family and multiculturalism. According to statistics, the number of multicultural families in South Africa is expected to exceed a million-plus million people. This is a significant number in a country with a long tradition of nationalist unity. The chauvinism of the big nation in men has led to a serious gender imbalance in South Korea. In South Korea, about half of middle-aged men live by themselves, and this number is still growing. The birth rate is low. children, women of childbearing age, compared to a child of childbearing age. Without immigration, the labor force in the Republic of Korea will be slower. The Korean government is very cautious about the development of a multinational country. Since then, the budget for multicultural families has increased by a billion won (millions of dollars). The neighborhood centers can be provided with translation services, language courses, childcare and advice on the promotion of the campaign. Textbooks now include family and multiracial sections. Middle-aged military children are also allowed to participate in competitions. When Mongols working in South Korea illegally bought about a dozen in Korea, a fire, residents called on the government to provide housing for these Mongols, and the authorities accepted.

However, in accordance with Korean culture, a multiracial family is still difficult for all foreigners.

According to a survey conducted by the Korea development Institute, for each of these individuals, there are marriages that end within a few years. Almost one-fifth of all children born from cross-border marriages, does not have access to education. Many of the mothers know a little German. Here are just some of the many types of discrimination that exist. last month, the government announced two new requirements: the foreign bride must speak Korean and the groom must speak Korean, you must demonstrate financial returns for the government. Critics say that the tightening of requirements only accelerates the aging process of the labor force across the country.

Li in the US, a buyer broker for Daegu's wedding, said that the number of women eligible for marriage is decreasing.

Most foreign brides are from poor rural areas who cannot learn Korean. Meanwhile, a competition was born - Chinese brides, of which there are many in the country, are looking for women. The competition is very fierce. In fact, the number of men in Korean who are married to foreign brides has decreased compared to last year. Among them is the following the number of marriages in the city. Kim Yong Shin-viet nam-Korean cultural center of Hanoi, says that all the girls fall do not want to waste the distance in rural areas of South Korea to the South.

Who likes to watch movies, Korean music, and K-pop and wants to live in the city.

For clients in Korea, Lee Chang-min, a broker from Seoul, says they are more and more polite, with more and more people belonging to the highest income group in Korea from South to South. Others are wary of this pre-enjang product (a derogatory term only for a class of Korean women called"wealth erosion"). They prefer a wife who can take on the role of a traditional Korean, which women do not want to deal with. Therefore, the broker regrets that it would be better if men were introduced to the wives of foreign friends, and not through intermediaries-dealers. In a rapidly changing Korean society, a suitable solution can also be found in a rapidly changing environment.

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