Because Dennis Rodman is a friend of North Korean leader Kim Jong UN. News from the world of L'espresso

When asked, whether he spoke with Mr

The former NBA star said he was visiting Pyongyang as a private citizen, but was met at the airport by two North Korean officials

Rodman said that the purpose of this trip,"really, is to see if I can get him to continue bringing this sport to North Korea."He made at least five trips to Pyongyang and said that Kim, being a spectacular child, is not so bad.

The businesslike Mr.

Rodman is ahead for North Korea to test multi-missiles, with the intention of developing a missile eventually nuclear capable of reaching the United States.

Rodman has already mentioned in the past

Tensions between Kim and United States President Donald trump are running high, and with a threatening trumpet that the military may call in. During his career, he has played for several NBA teams, including the Detroit pistons and Chicago bulls. Rodman has gained a reputation as the bad boy at o, regularly getting into confrontations with players and officials during games. He painted his hair in many colors, was bold, had many tattoos and piercings, and was married to model Carmen"ELEKTRA". Rodman first became friends with Kim on a trip to North Korea, so famous for the oppressor's"happy birthday". Five in the NBA finals were the first time in the state for him to have a show on the basketball court, and part of them for the trip was reportedly the first American woman to meet Kim. He described the dictator as my lifelong friend, and even encouraged former President-elect Barack Obama to pick up the phone and call them Kim, a fellow basketball fan. Rodman appeared on"celebrity Apprentice"when he was hosted by Donald trump, and supported the Republican candidate running for President. trump before the last trip, Mr. Rodman replied,"I'm sure he's happy that I'm here to try to do what they both need to do."Mr.

trump has already tweeted: the Only American who has found a North Korean son is Dennis Rodman.

Isn't that creepy and sad? In April, the President said that he was ready to meet with the oppressive North Korean regime in a right-wing environment. Now in North Korea, four Americans have been arrested in labor camps, as Mr.

Rodman called for the release of Kim, Kenneth BAE, who was sentenced to years of harsh punishment, but it is also alleged that the reason for his imprisonment was Mr.

BAE was born in South Korea, was arrested for"hostile acts against the Republic", and in April was sentenced to years of hard labor.

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